Console log

Console output

The console log at the bottom of the start screen provides

  • Traces – what the application is doing at that moment.


    Software GUID --> f715fc74-160d-4187-a4dc-d5301ce2e4e3
    Session info updated - OK.
    Loading of data started. This might take a while ...
    Starting learning ...
  • Warnings – issues that could be resolved automatically.


    Assembly not found .ExpertKnowledge
    Found assembly *xxxxxxx*.ExpertKnowledge
  • Errors – issues that couldn’t be resolved automatically.


    Train/Valid Datasets
    Dataset: 1 (Train_01) - Variable: 3 (Produktsol(g/L)) - Row: 282 || Cannot be false data. Provide a valid number.
    Dataset: 1 (Train_01) - Variable: 6 (InductorMASS(mg)) - Row range: 2227/2787 || To use "Linear" for this variable, a minimum number of 2 non-false data values need to be provided.


If the application malfunctions or it’s considered that something went unexpectedly, check the console log for possible information, warnings or errors.


By default the height of the console is reduced for a better experience while working. You can modify the console size at any time by dragging and dropping the upper border. It is recommended to do so for possible warnings or errors that might pass unnoticed otherwise. Once this inspection is done, the height can be set back to a minimum.