In case it is needed to integrate digital twin with external code a series of external connectors are supported by current toolbox.

This section provides examples for all type of external integrations currently possible within the digital twin.


Whenever possible, it is highly recommended to always use the Http Client.

Examples Goal

All the examples in this section, will be used to simulate the same Wave function. This will allow you to compare possible different external connectors to archive same purpose/result.

Function is defined by,

\[\begin{gather*} Z=cos(X)*sin(Y) \end{gather*}\]

When evaluated with Xmin = -10, Xmax = 10, Ymin = -10 and Ymax = 10 following result can be obtained.


The Out of the Box example will first show you how to create a simple digital twin to reproduce previous shared goal entirely within the digital twin; without any need for external connectors. Rest of examples will show you how to reproduce same result from external connectors such as Http Client.